Open ring Pantera "Grunwald Cup" 2019-10-12 Jurbarkas

Open ring Pantera „Grunwald Cup“ 2019-10-12 Jurbarkas

The competition will take place in two MMA cages in MMA Amateur and K1 rules.
More about MMA rules –

  • 00 – 11.00 athletes weighting; medical examination;
  • 00 – 11:30 coaches and referees conference;
  • 00 the start of competition
  • In the first MMA cage the fights will be by MMA rules
  • In the second MMA cage the fights will be by K1 rules
    (By K1 rules, girls and child until 12 years old have to fight with special wests, kicks of knee in the head is PROHIBITED. Allowed clinch and knee kicks to the hull for up to 3 s. Fight Duration, U-10; U-12; U-14; (2-1.5 mins) / U-16; U-18 and adults; (2 x 2 min)
  • When kickboxing is over – there will be an awards break
  • After the awards, both MMA cages will host MMA fights
  • Awards and closing of competition

Popularize MMA amateur sport.
Find out the most capable MMA amateur athletes.

Antanas Giedraitis-Giedrius Gymnasium (Vydūno g. 15, Jurbarkas), October 12. Incoming teams have until 2019. October 10 inform Pantera Sports Club of the composition of teams or phone +370 698 32 406 (name of athlete, year of birth, exact weight (according to the rules MMA, K-1)

All athletes (girls and boys) from Lithuania and foreign countries can participate in the competition, who:

  • paid the entry fee (on the day of the competition at the time of weighing):
  • For members of the Lithuanian MMA Federation – 10 euros, for both disciplines – 15 euros.
  • € 15 for guests, € 20 for both disciplines
  • has read and agrees with the competition rules
  • have a health certificate (health insurance is also preferred)
  • minor athletes must have parental consent; adults sign themselves)
  • Has clothing and protective attributes (tight wrestling and MMA or kickboxing shorts must be worn during the competition)
  • Do not use any Prohibited Medicines or Prohibited Substances of the Anti-Doping Organization.

If there is only one competitor in the weight category, he is moved to the heavier weight category! If the participant stays one in the heaviest weight category of his age group, he is transferred to the same weight category of the older age group.

U – 10 (children under 10 years) up to 31 kg; up to 34 kg .; up to 37 kg .; +37 kg. (Fights without helmets, head hits PROHIBITED)

U – 12 (11-12 year olds) up to 37 kg; up to 40 kg .; up to 44 kg .; up to 48 kg .; up to 52 kg .; + 52 kg. (fights without helmets, head hits PROHIBITED)

U – 14 (13-14 years old) up to 44 kg; up to 48 kg .; up to 52 kg .; up to 56 kg .; up to 61 kg .; up to 66 kg .; +66 kg.

U – 16 (youth 15-16 years) up to 48 kg; to 52; up to 56 kg; up to 61 kg .; up to 66 kg .; up to 70 kg .; up to 77 kg .; + 77 kg.

U – 18 (youth 17 & 18) to 56; up to 61 kg .; up to 66 kg .; up to 70 kg .; up to 77 kg .; up to 84 kg .; + 84 kg.

Adults +19 – up to 61 kg; up to 66 kg .; up to 70 kg .; up to 77 kg .; up to 84 kg .; up to 93 kg .; +93 kg.

Girls / Women up to 52kg. up to 56 kg; up to 61 kg .; up to 66 kg .; up to 70 kg .; + 70 kg.

Girls and women can also fight in MMA wrestling, the scoring system is the same only forbidding all kicks (foot protection and MMA gloves are not used).

The competition is conducted by: PANTERA Sports Club and Lithuanian MMA Federation. Chief of competition judge – Tadas Rimkevičius, judge – Evaldas Bunevičius

Winners and prize winners will be awarded with medals and diplomas. The best performing clubs with the most points will be awarded the Lithuanian MMA Federation Cups.

Meals and travel expenses of visiting teams or individual athletes are borne by the posting organization or by the athletes themselves. The costs of organizing the tournament are covered by the Pantera sports club.

Athletes, Coaches and Team Managers BY TAKING PART in the competition AGREE that they are familiar and agree to all of the above provisions and requirements!